How do I recycle my clothes with you?

Bring them in freshly washed and leave them with us to sort through! We don’t accept items with stains, rips, holes, bad smells, or excessive wear. No hangers please. 

Do I have to be 18?

Yes! You must be 18+ with a photo ID or have someone with you who’s over the age of 18. 

When can I bring in my clothes?

Monday – Saturday – APPOINTMENT ONLY!

We don’t accept any items on Fridays.

How long does it take?

Up to 1 hour. 

If we’re really busy it may take longer, but we’ll always let you know. In the meantime, shop around or come back later. 

How do you choose what you want to sell?

Our expert staff go through your items one by one selecting styles that we think will sell in our store. 

Anything we can’t sell goes back into your bag for you to collect when you return.

How do you determine your pricing?

We price items 30-70% below retail price depending on brand, demand and quality. 

What if I don't return to collect unwanted items?

You’ll be charged £5 🙁 

You have until closing time of the same day to collect the items we can’t sell. If the unwanted items are not collected, a £5 disposal fee will be applied to your account and deducted from any earnings. 

What happens when my clothes sell?

You’ll be sent a link once you’ve finalised your registration so you can check your account at any time. This will be kept up-to-date with any sales. 

It’s your responsibility to check whether items have sold or if you have credit on your account. 

How long do you keep my items for?

We keep your items until they sell. 

We are quite confident when we accept items that we can sell them. If they don’t sell we will reduce them at the end of season until they do. 

How do I get money from my account?

Bank transfer – 25%

Cash – 25%

In-store credit put onto a gift card – 35% 

Account credit cannot be split between the above. Total amounts at the time of collection must be taken in the same format. 


Important policies to remember...

We don’t accept items on Fridays. 

It is your responsibility to check if items have sold and credit amounts. 

% of money received back is of the FINAL sale price of items. 

£5 disposal fee will be applied to your account and deducted from your earnings if you do not collect unwanted items by the end of the day of drop off. 

We are under no obligation to accept any of your items. We only accept items that we think we can sell.