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Who are we?

Me, Myself & I

A 27-year-old trying to provide an alternative, ethical way to shop that's easily attainable for everyday people and is better for our planet, people and future.

The Team

The behind-the-scenes tribe is made up of supportive family and friends who help develop the business

Savvy shoppers

By making small changes that really make a difference, you're supporting a more sustainable future. You make this ethical business a reality.


My name is Sarah and I created the brand – it’s my life, my beliefs and my values.  I have always had a passion for our planet and global issues regarding our people and I truly think it’s all of our responsibility to make sure this is all taken care of. Humanity is at the soul of The Amber Room. 

I started my journey back in 2017 when it was just an idea. It’s safe to say I had a massive bag on: I had absolutely nothing to wear for a night out. Every girl’s problem right? 

I’m completely guilty of wearing an outfit once and never wearing it again. There must be so many unworn/wearable clothes sitting lifeless in wardrobes. 

I said to a friend “I wish there was a place we could take all of our outfits and exchange them for a bit of cash or get new outfits that aren’t too expensive. This would start the cycle again by taking them back after we’ve worn them.”

 Not long after this, I contacted  The Prince’s Trust with that very idea and began transforming it into a reality.  

The Name

I got really drunk one night in an Irish bar whilst visiting a friend in America where we met 2 other girls – one who was called Amber. 

We got onto the topic of the shop and they asked me what I was going to call it. Whilst Chads Rags was a high contender, I was won over by the story of the original Amber Room that our new friend Amber conveniently brought to my attention. She definitely tells everyone the shop is named after her now. 

The 'original' Amber Room

This was made of several tons of gemstone and was gifted to Peter the Great in 1716 as a symbol of peace between Russia and Prussia. 

Nazis looted it during World War II, and in the final months of the war, the amber panels, which were packed away in crates, disappeared. 

A replica was constructed in 1979 in St Petersburg but we now have our very own Amber Room in Derby where you can pick up many hidden gems and treasures. 

Meet the team

Sarah Garlick

Founder of The Amber Room

Shannon Watson

Marketing Assistant

Summer Watson

Sales Assistant

A note from Sarah...

There are so many benefits of selling/buying pre-loved, that when I think about it, it seems completely crazy that it’s not our no.1 way to shop and trade.

I believe if we all make small changes, it will make a massive difference.

In relation to the problems caused by fast fashion, I’m passionate about equality, fair trade, sustainability and treating people properly and our planet with more care. These are the values I hold close, especially within business.